by Mirexxx

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released July 19, 2019


all rights reserved



Mirexxx Brussels, Belgium

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Track Name: Bleeding Sky
Bleeding Sky

Vision close in atmosphere
Silent bodies in hypnotic waves
Breathing eyes breath in chains
Dead expression on your face
Kiss your pain like your night
Lick your pain closed and died
Give me a sign coming near
You're lost insane watch your side

Increased awareness in blackened faith
Provocative caution lines your way
Their senses deadened so severe
Soundless shapes around me
Telling tales of modern vampires
The air gets colder in the eyes
Electric fields now radiate
Killing effects into the sky

Bleeding sky what's your name
Bleeding sky wanna die
Bleeding sky what's your name
Bleeding sky wanna die

Visions insane your dead ways
Your will destroys your bleedings
Transcend redeemed in shadows
Deified untaint reflections
Embodies at night distortions
Entrancing shapes are rising
Awake insane invade it
Beneath limits of madness

Outrage derived constraint humanity
In shocks revulsed insane deluded
Downward your world shapeshift revelries
Cold death emerge obscure now voice me
The sky bloodred intense vitalities
Enchant invade now taste the ancient
Track Name: Anabolic

See your world in destruction
In your skies i vanish
Ressurect bare and blood
Your redemption, I don't choose
Coloured reflections like your way
Face the inner fire
See your vision desolate
Your lovely moves so sane

More intense insanity
Feed me in the night
Shocking acts of depravity
See my eyes convert
In this fragrance endorphine
Kill your emptiness
Whitening lights endangered
Ill burn your cross tonight

Radiate on me
Inversion you see
Live in neurosis
Love the anabolic

Moving in your skies
Rhytm in your lines
Bleeding at your side
Only one way shot
Reflect the night of you
I see what you want
Dying in your eyes
And it's calling me

Need your blood, need your effects, in dismay, now confess
Fucked up hate, live in lies, destiny desolate
In your eyes purity, identity neurosis
Track Name: Chaos

Menacing voice, the world despairs
Vanished reflections, ill scent your fear
Insanely humans impulse me life
Chained to you lost in your desire
Beneath this madness, ill touch your skin
Reactive playtoys transcends agression
Fight your way and feel your strength
Now awake in a death sphere vision

Danger fades as selfdestruct
Confront yourself in more relief
Purity in length of me
Red wave sound on your face
Insults of hate through your vain
Within chaos your sky rise
Poison inject and see it real
Come here now on this surface

In this shades enticing
Coloured poison in your eyes
Painted delight entrances
And your fire touches me
In your blue light i see
It's a vision along your side
In your nightshade i fade
It's your blood that rush me insane

Chaos i breath
Chaos i see

Shape, Fascinate
Affect, Taste the ice
Noice, is your faith
Mass, delusioned
Mind, victimized
Kill, identity
Bleed, in my desire
Flames, now you see
Track Name: Death Angel
Death angel

Lines seem cold divided
Green reflected on your flesh
Dancing in your fire
Beings of hate feel oppressed
Human relics vanish
See through your conscience
Heatwaves draw me near
Lucky devil's muse

Fixed bleeding you long too
Infernal cold acid
Your rushes seem enlightened
Nothing you invent
Liquid venice in your eyes
Pierce through your facade
Devour inhale envision
Your chains i resist
Death will only suffer
Sinfull way take this

Death angel
Screaming body
Death angel
Screaming face

Death is just the answer
Lost in violence
Evil visions enchant
Rising in the ashes
Death is just the answer
Lost in violence
Evil visions take me
Rising in the ashes

Delusions screen, take a shot
Love your body, trust in life
Devil inside, scream out now
Blood in vein, system hate

Track Name: Inside you
Inside you

Touch your sweet body satin death pleasures
In sense of discipline distinctive being
In shades awaken you love the undead
In pure devotion shot to reflect
Sex shocking deities filth sordid tension
Discharged division look fetishised
Nude body whoreship in red fainted sky
Late at night enchanting spell

In lines of night passion inflamed
Toxicate inject deviance of dark
Now show your fetish six inch-designed
Like the chains around your neck
Authentic pale vamp's favorite
Put down your panties sex bunny deity
Bow down perverse, your tits i love

Inside you
Human liquids
Inside you
I know your god

Inside you
Inside you
Inside you
Cause i need it

Like your flesh
Like your death
Like your sex
Like your chains
Track Name: Dimension

Dissension faints but my being defies
Kiss the deadly insane
Hate and violence touch me
Invasion of your insane
Mass mentality, suïcidal
Change your style, to extremes
Love this taste of night
In a radiance of death

Submerged in skies in tune
Self-destructed cold lines
Cold death injections
Love me now sweet fate
Find yourself in dimension
Born again go your way
Come and see in the silence
In nightskies awake

Sixth dimension
Taste your blood now
Sixth dimension
Breath in fires

See the signs of chaos
Ancient rites bring me the flame
Atmospheres tranquillices
Distortion lines injecting change
Hallucinations in the sky
Flashed images in me
See the signs of chaos
Ancient rites bring the flame
Atmosperes tranquillices
Distortion lines injecting change
Hallucinations in the sky
Distortion lines injecting change

Chaos destruct, pain
Poison inject, rage
Death edge, sane
Drug abused, kill
Sexual offence, rape
Human kind, lost
Devlish way, night

Just kill me

Just kill me
Just kill me now
Track Name: Vault

In delight you escape what the world needs
Move away at the edge feels like ice
Insane vision taste of the madness
Cold as sin energy through the eyes
Engaged in wars striving through conflicts
Politics power struggle release
Sign of death throes by your fictional voices
Pave the way to my favour and faith

Shotdown in Russia for reasons untold
Fighting ways as night starts to fall
Bloody crime covered in whispers
Metamorphose escapes now it dies
Let your eyes glance in dimension
Cause the world is not what it seems
Destroyed to your submission and ways
Cover the dust and seek devilish

It's your skin, i will rise in
As my shot stained in blood
And your face is a target
As the essence just a way
In a sea i will find you
As my body stays awake
As my night is in colours
As we control our being
As you shade light reflecting
And the violence seems so sane
As the scorn breaths in ashes
As the shadows in my veins

It's in vault
Cold instincts
It's in vault
In the shadows

Trancing voices in the sky
In vain constructed(tensions) are toys
Flesh of demons touch me
Just rise your spirit in the end
Taste the bleeding just a prey
Just a dead god reaching nothing
Feed your morals, I don't see
Play your tension, it's just a game

My eyes, my eyes
Track Name: Bloodresource

In this dimension red radiance
Psychic fiends fluids of you dead
Give me your blood you choken being
In cold whispers your black disease
As poison flows in darkened skies
Affective addiction, a light you are
Fleeing in circles you love the violins

In this spheres i feed the poison
This venom anguish now reverse the way
Just kill the melodies in cherish disguise
Love your cold vices at 6 you die
As vampire rice your slowing death

At midnight you need the rush
Im like a mummy that spits at you
My self-expression still exists
You can not see, you seem so paralysed


Come take me away
Beyond my pleasures
Come take me away
Kill this sadness

Locked in this filth
Locked to my senses
Its in your eyes
A green reflection

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